International students often enter their Western educational experience without sufficient knowledge about, or experience with, managing life in the United States. Additionally, most international students arrive without the physical support of their parents, or, with parents / guardians who speak limited or no English.

For international students who are only familiar with the landscape of international schools, they often have to reconcile the sizable gap between their perception of, and reality of, being a foreign student learning and living within an American boarding school environment
Global P.R.E.P. will help new international students prepare for their boarding school experience through:

  • ┬áDeveloping Understanding: How will cross-cultural competencies help you succeed?
  • Practicing Skills: What will be expected of you academically in the classroom?
  • Providing Insight: What questions and concerns do you have about life at boarding school?
  • Interpersonal Learning: How will you navigate American student and adult connections?
  • Collegiate Counseling: How does course selection and the application process work?

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