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518c25db18fe5637bdcf83ee315f68f4We have a combined 30 years of knowledge & experience regarding international students in independent private schools. We are teachers, advisors, school administrators, dorm faculty, affinity group leaders, coaches, and mentors.

Each September we watch a new group of international students enter American boarding schools, excited about the new world that awaits them. Yet, we are aware of the challenges both students and their families will face as they adjust to a new culture and different environment.

We have lived their experience, and understand what it means to be “alone” in a foreign place. What we also know, however, is how exciting students’ lives will be as they embark on the many adventures to be found at their new school.

Most importantly, we know that international students will find the greatest success when they are well-prepared for their experience abroad.

As educators and mentors, it is difficult to watch the obstacles our students face. We see gaps in each child’s readiness to learn abroad; given that they are trying to learn, adapt, balance, and thrive academically, athletically, and socially – it is even more imperative that international students are adequately prepared for their arrival in the United States.

So we began to wonder:
How can we better help international students get ready for life in American boarding schools?
How can international student be best equipped to fluidly join a new, vibrant community?
What can we do to best prepare international students for the cultural differences and adjustments they will have to make?
What tools and strategies can we teach them to become successful, well-rounded graduates?

Global P.R.E.P. is our answer and, we hope, our solution. We will share the lessons we have learned over the course of 30 combined years of work with (and as) international students. We want these students to find success in boarding school and for them to be “at home” within the larger school community.

We invite you to begin your journey with us, and we look forward to seeing you in our program!

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