Why Global P.R.E.P.?

2d495137b29dcbffa02e0df2bd44047aEveryone told me that I would learn how to budget my time at boarding school, but no one actually told me how to do it. It was really hard to figure out.
–One-year student from Canada

I wish someone would have explained to me the best way to travel to my school. Not getting on a plane, but going through the airport. I had never been in an American airport. Then I had to help manage my parents because they don’t speak English.
– One-year student, Thailand

I knew Americans spoke differently, but I wasn’t used to the slang. Words that I used all the time were not understood.
– Three-year student, New Zealand


Many of the teachers and faculty invite students into their homes for dinner or study sessions. I never went into my teacher’s house back in my home country.

– One-year student, China

The other students thought that I should be more American and act more American, but I had never been to America before so I didn’t know how to act. I wish someone had shared with me even how they say hello.
– Two-year student, Australia

I was told to be independent, but I had to really figure out how to ask for help. Like if I ran out of deodorant, I had to ask someone to drive me to the store. Everyone said they were there to help, but I had to learn how to ask for help.
–Three-year student, Japan

There was a sandwich bar at my school and I never made a sandwich before. We don’t really eat sandwiches in my country.
– One-year student, Singapore

In my old school, you were only around students in your same grade. But here, you’re in classes and friends with students in different grades, even faculty. No one told me to expect being with students of different ages and sometimes, if you’re younger, it can be very intimidating.
– Two-year student, Indonesia

I was not ready for the weather where my school is located and I wish someone had not only told me to bring a warm coat, but how to dress warm.
– One-year student, Monaco

No one taught me how to do my own laundry. I had to learn without my mom.
– Two-year student, India

No one told me that I would be different. Even though I look American, it is clear that once they hear my accent, that I’m not. Immediately everyone has 100 questions for me. I didn’t expect them to have such an interest in me and sometimes it was overbearing. I wish I was prepared to be seen as so different.
– One-year student, England

I thought I was prepared to live with a roommate from a different country. Sometimes with roommates it can seem like they are inconsiderate, but it’s really just cultural differences.
– Two-year junior, Thailand

International students need to learn the idea of “community” and be open minded to participate in different ways that they are not used to in their current school environment.
– Three-year senior, China

International students sometime have difficulty with school rules. Like, not using your cell phone whenever you want, but rather finding a time to call your parents when it fits into the school regulations.
– Two-year senior, Hong Kong

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